Do you regularly buy our products? Find out about our Premium Membership

Do you know you can get up to 30% discount on all our products at Back2Earth Health Foods?

Welcome to our Premium Membership Program

With so many regular buyers, we felt it was necessary to reward them. So we started the Premium Membership Program.

When you become a member you will get up to 30% discount on any product that you purchase.

Additional Member Benefits

During the year, we regularly offer specials at our Farm Retreat – Back2Earth  especially to our members.

Back2Earth is more than an organic farm stay. It is also a health retreat offering a float tank experience, massage therapy, psychotherapy and RAW vegan cuisine. The brand new, luxurious accommodation is designed for comfort. Read our reviews.

How much does it cost to become a member?

Becoming a member cost almost nothing. For an annual payment of $100 you can become a member. We also offer a monthly plan where you only pay $10 every month.

How do you avail of your product discount?

Once you become a member, the next time you purchase a product, just be sure to login at checkout. And that’s it.